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Bachmann Loading Station 

Open shelter cell

Thanks to the combination of the most modern safety components and the use of collaborating robots, the protective cell can be kept open on the machine side. This arrangement enables almost unrestricted access to the machine and also allows brief inspection views during the work process.


Thanks to the BQL QuickLock coupling system from Bachmann Engineering, it is possible to move the system within a short time. Thanks to the self-centering systems, the system can be positioned exactly. This reduces the time required for conversion to a minimum.

The BLS is a modular unit that can be adapted to the needs of the customer. The variety of adjustment and positioning options guarantees that the system is always set up in a space-optimized manner. The BLS can be equipped with different robot types

In the BLS, care was taken to use standardized and field-tested standard components as far as possible. When it comes to robots, it relies on the number 1 in the world of collaborative robots, Universal Robots.  

The BLS can be easily controlled using the included UR Cap software plugin. The control was deliberately designed to be very intuitive so that even untrained personnel can operate the system. In addition to a Quick Control interface, which allows the system to be conveniently controlled for loading and unloading, a large number of parameters can be set in the advanced settings of the UR Cap, so that, for example, the division of the pallet storage can be adapted by the customer to his needs.

Compact Plug & Work automation

Easy to use

Optimized for collaborative robots

Easy and safe loading

Simple and intuitive programming


Flexible and mobile

Innovative security concept

Multi-machine capable

Cell can be moved manually

Unrestricted access to the CNC machine


Compact structure

Extremely space-saving: space requirement of <1m2

High autonomy

operation area

The Bachmann LoadingStation (BLS) has been specially developed for loading CNC machines, assembly stations and production systems. The focus was on the use of collaborative robots. By using this, it is possible to program the system according to the "Plug & Produce" principle. Thanks to the selection of different robot types, components can be loaded up to 13 kg.

Compact autonomy

The BLS module has a maximum of 10 ¼ EUR pallet spaces which can hold the workpieces/products. The division can be flexibly selected from 3 to 10 levels. Thus, a storage area of 2.5 EUR pallets is accommodated in the smallest space. The pallet change takes place automatically.

Pick and Place

Fully automatic loading of CNC machines, assembly stations and production systems

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