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Loading and unloading systems

Since the company was founded, we have continuously developed innovative and highly flexible products that can be used for a wide range of demanding automation tasks.



The know-how gained in the field of engineering flows into this. Thanks to its in-house developments, bachmann engineering ag is now the Swiss product market leader in the field of parts feeding and part separation using robotics.

Pick and Place

Bachmann MovableBase


Mobile, stable and flexible

Mobile, stable and flexible The BMB is a flexible and lean mobile robot platform. Specially designed for use with cobots, the solid base has enough space to accommodate the robot controller.


The leveling rollers ensure a safe stand even at higher speeds. Equipped with numerous options, the BMB meets flexible requirements.

Bachmann Moving Device


little need for space
The Bachmann MovingDevice is characterized by its small space requirement of less than 0.5m2 and can be easily and quickly added to a manufacturing and assembly process or a laboratory application. The interfaces to the robot types UR3/UR5 and UR10 are guaranteed; if required, other robots can also be implemented. The robot control is integrated directly in the module. 

The Bachmann MovingDevice can be moved on rollers and is connected to the desired system in the exact position using standardized floor or machine coupling. Thanks to the multi-machine concept, the BMD can be positioned on different systems.

The Bachmann MovingDevice has a modular structure and can be configured according to individual requirements. 

95000_BMD-M01-Rendering 01_Highlights 01.png

Bachmann Loading Station


Compact autonomy
The BLS module has a maximum of 10 ¼
EUR pallet places which can hold the workpieces / products. The division can be flexible from
  3 – 10 floors can be selected. Thus, a storage area of 2.5 EUR pallets is accommodated in the smallest space. The pallet change takes place automatically.

Flexible arrangement
The BLS is a modular unit that can be adapted to the needs of the customer. The variety of adjustment and positioning options guarantees that the system is always set up in a space-optimized manner. The BLS can be equipped with different robot types

Open shelter cell
Thanks to the combination of the most modern safety components and the use of collaborating robots, the protective cell can be kept open on the machine side. This arrangement enables almost unrestricted access to the machine and also allows brief inspection views during the work process.

Thanks to the BQL QuickLock coupling system from Bachmann Engineering, it is possible to move the system within a short time. Thanks to the self-centering systems, the system can be positioned exactly. 

Bachmann FeedMaster


Feeding of CNC machines
The Bachmann FeedMaster is particularly suitable for feeding CNC machines, assembly machines or manual workstations. It is characterized by a small footprint, high autonomy and great flexibility. The BFM can be easily and quickly decoupled and coupled to a new machine or application.

Excellent profitability
The BFM offers companies of all sizes a cost-effective automation solution. With an inexpensive basic module, initial experience can be gained. Nothing stands in the way of a subsequent targeted expansion. This guarantees that no unnecessary investments have to be made.


The Bachmann FeedMaster has a modular structure
  Unit that allows a wide range of applications. 

Bachmann FeedStacker


Maximum autonomy
As soon as all the parts on a pallet have been machined (e.g. in a CNC center), the robot can independently exchange this pallet for a pallet with unmachined parts (by pushing and pulling) thanks to the stacker.

Maximum flexibility
The magazine module can be used for workpieces of different heights. If higher workpieces are to be fed in, it is sufficient to leave spaces empty. Depending on the workpiece height, a 10-piece module becomes a 5-piece, 3-piece or 2-piece module.

By using it as an autonomous loading system, the efficiency is greatly increased (up to 10 times higher) because the personnel monitoring can be reduced.

pallet carrier
The BFS is equipped with the common patented pallet carriers Standard, Basic and FlexGrid, whereby a customer-specific structure is also possible. This is a maximum
Guaranteed flexibility in parts feeding.

Bachmann Basic Feeder


Autonomous plant
The Bachmann BasicFeeder is a completely autonomous system with an extremely small footprint. By connecting a Bachmann FeedStacker (BFS), the autonomy of the system can be increased tenfold.

Maximum flexibility
The BBF is equipped with the common patented pallet carriers Standard, Basic and FlexGrid. A customer-specific construction is also possible. This ensures a high level of flexibility in parts feeding.

test part output
The operator can request test parts for process control. These are placed in the output drawer by the robot and can be removed from there during ongoing operation.

Thanks to the intelligent structure of the system, all common types of robots from leading manufacturers as well as collaborating robots from manufacturers such as Universal Robots can be integrated.

Bachmann EasyFeeder


operation area
The Bachmann EasyFeeder (BEF) has been specially developed for feeding CNC machines. The base frame can accommodate different types of robots, so that workpieces weighing up to 50 kg can be loaded. Despite the compact design, it is possible to place pallet carriers up to the size of a Euro pallet (1200 mm x 800 mm). 

Open shelter cell
Thanks to the combination of the most modern safety components, the protective cell can be kept open on the machine side, which enables coexisting operation. The open side is constantly monitored by a certified laser light curtain. This arrangement enables almost unrestricted access to the CNC machine.

Compact design
Despite accommodating a complete Euro pallet and the robot with payloads of up to 70 kg (including gripper unit), the BEF cell is very compact and only requires a footprint of just under 2.5 m2. 

autonomy extension
The BEF can be equipped with an integrated Bachmann EasyStacker (BES) drawer tower. With this extension it is possible to accommodate up to ten ½ Euro pallets.

Bachmann Vertical Carousel


operation area
The Bachmann VerticalCarousel (BVC) is special
for machine loading or material buffers in
Assembly lines have been developed where largest
autonomy is required. Along with one on the
Industrial robots that are matched to the workpieces, the combination is sometimes ideal for loading CNC machines. However, the BVC is also used in a variety of other applications.

Extreme autonomy extension
Thanks to the construction based on the well-known paternoster and the optimal use of space, there is an enormously high storage capacity. For example, up to 55 workpieces measuring 250x250x300 mm (WxDxH) can be accommodated. In this case, the BVC has a total of 11 lifting beams, which are rotating in circulation. The maximum component dimensions are therefore in the range of approx. 1200x400x300 mm (WxDxH), with the maximum workpiece weight per pallet being 200 kg.

The BVC can do a variety of things on its lifting beams
pick up from workpiece carriers. In the BVC can
Zero-point clamping systems as well as individual workpieces or the proven ¼-Euro Bachmann pallet carrier can be used. Thus, the BVC is also conceivable for existing systems as an autonomy extension.

Bachmann modular system



The Bachmann ModularSystem (BMS) is a modular production cell with maximum flexibility. The in-house developed system, which is adapted to specific customer needs, can be individually determined for memory sizes.

Process control BFH

The process control system Bachmann Flex-Handling (BFH) is the central control of the plant. It monitors tool life and ensures it. that the plant is permanently in production.

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